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A Satisfying Affair

"Reading a good long novel is in many ways like having a long and satisfying affair" — Stephen King

Crush (Orca Soundings (Quality))

Crush (Orca Soundings) - Carrie Mac I wish I had known it was a hi-lo book before I ordered it. I saw a review on another website that said it was a really good book, but they didn't mention how short it was. I was disappointed by the lack of detail, and most of the character interactions and dialogue were hard to believe. Mostly it just seemed far too rushed, and I kept picking out parts in my mind that could have led to other interesting scenes that just didn't end up going anywhere. The only things I really liked about the book were the characters, which were believable and interesting. I think, had there been a bit more detail and a longer time span, this could have been an excellent book. As it is though it was hard to keep my interest.